Lightning Safety Tips

Getting struck by lightning is rare, but it does happen. To stay safe during a storm, here are some tips to abide by.

Get Inside

If you are outside during a lightning storm, then you want to get indoors immediately. No place outdoors is going to be safe during this time.

Avoid Any Appliances

Even if you are inside, there are some things to be mindful of. Do not use electrical appliances such as a landline telephone or television set. If lightning strikes, it could end up blowing a fuse. Additionally, you want to avoid any contact with water during this period, so do not take a bath.

Remain Inside After the Storm

You want to stay inside until after 30 minutes of the last time you heard thunder. Even if things seem clear, it is better to play it safe than sorry.

Stay Away From Windows

While you are inside, keep clear of windows. Even if lightning does not directly strike your house, if it is in the vicinity, it could still shatter windows. You do not want to be near shattered glass if that occurs.

If your area of town is prone to severe lightning storms, then it can be wise to outfit your home with lightning protection devices. Look at all the gadgets you can get by contacting B & B Lightning Protection.