Lightning Protection Services in Massachusetts

A lightning strike can happen at any time and under any weather conditions. Lightning accounts for at least one billion dollars in damages every year and can cause a catastrophic loss to families and businesses. B & B Lightning Protection is the premier contractor for lightning protection services in Massachusetts and one of the most experienced lightning protection system installers in the state. We have over 100 years of experience working with lightning protection components and will use that knowledge to protect your family and property.

A lightning protection system will often attract lightning that would otherwise hit nearby buildings. The energy from the lightning is then redirected and discharged safely into the ground. While this may seem uncommon, one lightning bolt carries thousands of volts of electricity and can inflict major damage on people and buildings. Preparation today can spare grievous damage from lightning in the future.

Certified Lightning Protection Services

Lightning protection system installation is a very specialized task, and your lightning protection contractor needs to have the right certifications. The team at B & B Lightning Protection is certified with the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI175) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL96A). If you have any questions about our lightning protection services, we would be happy to answer them. You can be sure that you are only receiving the best quality parts and components for your lightning protection system, and we will work with you to understand how the system works.

We can install a lightning protection system for residential, commercial, industrial, military, and government buildings. One strike can overload electrical systems or cause structural damage. Any building or structure damaged by lightning would require thousands of dollars in repairs. Call our team today to learn more and schedule a consultation about the benefits of our lightning protection services. Lightning is a natural event and can strike almost anywhere; so, you need to be prepared.