Premier Lightning Protection Services in New Hampshire

Lightning strikes can happen anywhere and under various conditions. We commonly associate lightning with storms discharging charged particles to the ground to create lightning. These lightning strikes can sometimes strike buildings, land, or people. When lightning strikes, it can carry thousands of volts of electricity with it, and this results in severe—or even catastrophic—damage to whatever is struck. Lightning protection services in New Hampshire from B & B Lightning Protection can help reduce the risk of damage from lightning strikes and keep your property and loved ones safe.

Lightning protection systems have one purpose: They are a series of high-tech components to redirect lightning away from vulnerable targets and into the ground, where the deadly electricity is safely discharged. Such sophisticated technology needs specialty certifications and licenses to ensure they are installed properly. Our team at B & B Lightning Protection has necessary certifications from the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI175) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL96A). We have over 100 years of experience providing lightning protection services, and we bring that knowledge to all lightning protection service installations in New Hampshire.

Lightning Protection Components

We utilize air terminals, conductors, grounds, and more to keep your property safe. We also can offer lightning protection for trees. Every component in the lightning protection system is important for the system to work and must be installed properly. Our work will not only be done correctly, but you will have only the best and most reliable components installed with your system as well. Whether you need your home, commercial building, or government building protected, we can help.

The potential damage from a lightning strike is incredible. Even if you think you are not at risk, only one event can ruin your home and cost you thousands of dollars. Whether it means vast home repairs for your family or a massive loss at work, there is a great risk to leave your home unprotected from lightning. Contact us today and we will provide you more information on our lightning protection services.