Understanding What a Lightning Protection System Is

Many buildings benefit greatly from lightning protection systems. If you install one around your property, you will be thankful it is there when the next big storm comes.

What Is It?

This system gives potential lightning strikes a path of least resistance to the ground, preventing damage from occurring to your building. These systems typically consist of an air terminal, conductor cables and grounding rods.

How Do You Benefit?

A myth persists about these systems that they attract lightning. That is not the case at all. They do not make your building more likely to attract lightning strikes. In the event lightning were to hit your building anyway, the rod is simply where the strike would take place. The system does offer protection to your building by allowing it to avoid any structural damage as a result of a lightning strike. The lack of damage from lightning essentially acts as fire protection as well. Numerous hazards are avoided by installing a single system.
Whenever a storm comes through town, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your building is protected by one of these systems. In order to ensure your system will work optimally, have it installed by a skilled professional. To find experts who can install a lightning protection system for you, contact B & B Lightning Protection today.