What You Should Know About Home Lightning Protection

A random lightning strike can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of fire damage to your home and result in injuries to you or your family. Can you prevent this from happening? Yes, you can. Here’s what you need to know about home lightning protection.

Trees and Antennae Won’t Protect Your Home

While trees can be worked into and protected by a home lightning system, they won’t protect your house on their own. After lightning hits a tree, it may split to hit the house. Also, while antennae may be grounded, they cannot handle lightning and may give it a route into your home.

Lightning Protection Systems Work

With a series of copper cables and lightning rods, these systems have been proven to save homes from destruction. While you may think that lightning rods attract lightning, this is not the case. Instead, they intercept the electricity and provide it with a safe path into the ground, bypassing your home completely.

Systems Must Be Installed by a Professional

Don’t risk your home and your life by installing your own system. Professionals will take all variables into consideration including the electrical system, soil components, the shape and style of your home and geographical location, and then come up with the best arrangement for your structure.

Contact B & B Lightning Protection to help you determine the best system for your family home.