Lightning Protection Services in Pennsylvania

B & B Lightning Protection is the premier provider of lightning protection services in Pennsylvania. We have over 100 years of experience in the installation of lightning protection systems. We work with residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, and government and military installations. Our team can guide you through the necessities of adequate lightning protection.

Inclement weather can happen anywhere—and that includes lightning strikes. Lightning is one of the most common natural occurrences and also one of the most powerful, carrying up to 30 million volts of electricity in a single strike. Lightning protection systems direct lightning strikes to a safe path to ground and away from homes and other buildings. An unprotected building makes a large target for lightning, and in the event of a lightning strike, the results can be disastrous. Lightning strikes result in fires, damaged electrical systems, and more. The occurrence of any of these events results in more than just minor inconveniences. Families and businesses can be entirely displaced or damaged beyond repair.

Lightning strikes on an unprepared home or building result in lost inventory or wrecked community infrastructure. It is a natural event that must be taken seriously. By investing in lightning protection with an experienced lightning protection contractor, you take a proactive approach to averting disaster.

Lightning Protection Systems

These are necessary components to expect with a lightning protection system:

  • Air terminals (rods)
  • Conductor (cable)
  • Bonds to metallic bodies
  • Ground terminations
  • Surge arresters

Call B & B Lightning protection so that a certified lightning protection contractor can perform your installation. Our team is certified with the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI175) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL96A), and you can trust our work will keep your homes and buildings safe and secure. We are also connected to IS-Networld (400-243326) and Avetta (88792), guaranteeing quality materials and workmanship. Reach out to us today to learn more about our lightning protection services. Schedule a consultation, and we can bring another level of protection for your family and property.